Nivbed - Digital Painter

The somber digital paintings of Nivbed.

Anna Chambers - Cute Cartoons

Here is the cute and cool artwork of Anna Chambers.
I was looking for a little inspiration for cute teddy bear project I’m working on a and her stuff is really hitting the spot.
Her site
Be sure to check out the fun tab for some cool little flash animations.
Her blog

Designer Toy Shop!

Here is a link from your pal and mine Matt Loehrer.
A cool little designer toy shop for all you Urban Hipsters.

Lots of fun toy research here.
Lots of cool designers that I’ll have to feature in future UIs.

Chris Garbutt - Designy, cartoony, and fun

Slightly Retro, well designed, cartoony and super fun. These are a few of my favorite things and they can all be found in ample supply in the work of Chris Garbutt.
His blog
His portfolio site
I came across his work this weekend on the new Cartoon Funland blog by by Viktor Von Kreep, the guy responsible for the Cereal Killers book.


Cereal Killers Book

Here is some killer art from the Upcoming Cereal Killers book.
I should have put the artist name on each one of these, but I was trying not to hang out to long on the net (and I’m lazy)
Cereal Killers Blog:

Mar Hernandez (Malota) - Illustrator

Here is some other worldly illustration by Mar Hernandez aka Malota
Her site http://www.malotaprojects.com
Her flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/malota/

Christopher Lee - Illustrator

I give you the work of Christopher Lee

Rex Hackelberg - Cartoony Illustrator

Here is some fun, retro and wacky concept art for the The KidMan and Lemon Show project by Rex Hackelberg.
Rex’s blog w/ a little video of Kidman
His site w/ his paintings

Lou Lou - Illustrator from the Netherlands

Here is some super fine Illustration work from Lou Lou of Netherlands.
His site
His flickr



Stefan Sagmeister - Sagmeister, Inc.

Yesterday Farha and I went to see a speech by Stefan Sagmeister. Originally I had no idea who he was or his work, but thankfully Farha talked me into going to it. He was truly inspirational and was definitely a non-traditional thinker. I could tell the audience had much love for the Sagmiester.

I love his studio's website!

He also has a website/blog up where you can partake in one of his most recent projects.


sk8 party

Just some more nerdery via my Veer newsletter, but I love this promo pic for their new font Pilo.

Sam Javanrouh - Photo Blogger

Love this guy's photography. He posts frequently and has a huge amount of great images in his Archive!


Canned Heat in my Browser

Justice's DVNO: Making me wish I was a graphic designer 25 years ago.

*thx for the "add" Nate, this is the hotness!

Saul Bass style Star Wars


Shane Prigmore - Character Designer


Shannon Tindle - Fun Character Designer


Frank Chimero - Small Print Book Project

The small print book by Frank Chimero.
Project site